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About Lula

Hello! I am Lula!  Nice to meet you.  I have been living in Costa Rica for 35 years!  I love the natural beauty and friendly faces of Costa Rica, and the area of Playa Negra.  

Costa Rica is known as the Country of Peace, as it does not have a military.  I admire the peaceful energy of Costa Rica and I feel grateful to call Playa Negra my home.

My partner in crime is Moppy - by dog (in the picture to your right).  When you come to Playa Negra, you will be sure to see Moppy and I at our shop taking care of our friends and guests!  

Moppy is very friendly, and our friends and clients check on him regularly! 

My intention for my shop is to provide a friendly environment for my friends and clients to gather and have a great coffee and a delicious piece of locally made cake, and support the women of Costa Rica, as the items in my shop are made by women of Costa Rica.  All products are organic and recyclable. 


I love being a tour-guide in Costa Rica.  All places that I offers tours to, I have personally been to, therefore providing personalised service. 


If you need anything, please let me know! I am happy to be of assistance.


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